It is with great pleasure that I introduce you to Kirkland Academy, a new prep program in Monmouth County, NJ giving student athletes the opportunity to achieve their athletic goals. This program has been specifically designed to assist football players in reaching their fullest potential and giving them the opportunity to participate in a college recruiting showcase.

Football - For just $7,500, Kirkland Academy will provide student athletes with an opportunity to play football at a college level. We will provide equipment for the season, uniforms, practice gear, daily practices, scheduled games, travel to games, and lifting sessions! Our team of highly experienced coaches will work with the players to become all around better student athletes. We will also be having a recruiting showcase at the end of the season where we will invite all the college coaches in the surrounding states. This will be a great opportunity for the students to meet with the coaches face to face and be able to show them what they are capable of.

Classes - While Kirkland Academy will be able to guide students towards which classes will be best for them, we will NOT be providing the classes. We will steer students towards the right direction whether it be high school or college level courses. We use Apex Learning, which is a virtual school that provides high school level courses along with a teacher and optional tutor. We will tell students exactly what classes they should take along with our contact person’s information to get them signed up. Taking high school level courses will be beneficial for some students because they will help boost the student’s GPA. Students will also get the opportunity to retake the SAT to better their chances of getting into the college of their dreams. If students are ready to take college level courses, we will refer them over to our local community college. Students may also attend their local community college if they chose to live at home.

Meal Plan- Kirkland Academy will not be providing students with a meal plan. If the student or parents would like a meal plan, we will refer them over to Eat Clean Bro, which is a food delivery service in Freehold, NJ. We will be able to provide a discount code that they can use to get meals at a discounted price and the meals will come right to their front door!

Housing - For the students who do not have to option to commute, we will refer them over to the Extended Stay in Middletown, NJ. This room comes with a small kitchen and living area that will provide students with everything they would need for the semester. We will be happy to provide our contact person’s information. Winter rentals will also be available upon request.